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Only scholars know glory for they guide the seekers after knowledge.
The value of every man lies in his knowledge, while the ignorant are the enemies of scholars.
So strive after knowledge, with which you will live forever. Scholars are eternal, while others fade away.
These lines are attributed by some sources to the Basrawi poet Abu Amru Bin Alaa Al Basri (689 – 774),
while others attribute them to the Imam Ali (599 – 661).

Calligraphy by Taha Al-Hiti.
Translation by Terence Clark

Taha al-Hiti created and donated the calligraphy on the opening page. He was born in Baghdad, where as a schoolboy he studied calligraphy with the great master Abbas al-Baghdadi. He went on to study architecture in Vienna and eventually set up his own architectural practice Squadra Ltd in London with regional offices in Dubai and Cairo.  His projects in the Middle East often present a subtle blend of contemporary and traditional styles, including calligraphy, which remains his passion.


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