Charitable Objects

The Objects of the Charity shall be

(a) to further the education of the public by assisting in the establishment of a museum in the City of Basrah in the Republic of Iraq dedicated to the celebration of the archaeological and historical inheritance of Basrah in particular and Iraq in general (whether such inheritance be derived from the civilizations in past times established in Iraq or adjoining areas or otherwise represented in the archaeological historical and cultural heritage of Iraq or of Basra)

(b) otherwise to assist in and foster the study of any such civilizations in such manner as shall be charitable at law (and so that in furtherance of such Objects the Charity shall in particular without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing but subject always to the requirement that so to do shall be charitable at law be empowered to make to or supplement grants from bodies responsible for or otherwise howsoever assist in securing

(i)        the provision of all proper buildings for the purposes of establishing or enhancement or extension of any such museum

(ii)       the  preparation  of  any  such  buildings  and  the  all  other  steps necessary for the purpose of ensuring that such buildings provide proper facilities for the display storage and safekeeping of collections of artifacts appropriate to any such museum

(iii)      the provision of technical or academic assistance in the operation of any such museum

(iv)      the fostering of the better understanding and appreciation of such civilizations whether through publication of material relating thereto or through lectures research or other courses of study or through any other means which may reasonably be expected to enhance knowledge of the archaeological heritage of Iraq or any part thereof)


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