Trustees / People

The Friends of Basrah Museum is run by a Committee of Trustees originally established in 2010. The Trustees meet as often as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Charity with a minimum of four meetings held within a year.



Dr John Curtis, OBE, FBA - Chairman
Hugo Clarke - Hon. Treasurer
Angela Grimshaw - Hon. Secretary
Sir Terence Clark KBE, CMG, CVO
Clare Bebbington
Liane Butcher
Ian McGregor
Alice Walpole OBE

Dr Lamia Al-Gailani Werr, founding Trustees, died unexpectedly on 18 January 2019 in Amman, Jordan.
She will be missed by her fellow Trustees and colleagues and friends world-wide and especially in Iraq.

Dr Salah al-Shaikly and the Hon Alice Walpole stepped down from their Trustee roles in 2016 and Alice Walpole was re-elected a Trustee in April 2019.

FOBM Trustees Clare Bebbington, John Curtis,
Lamia al-Gailani Werr and Liane Butcher at the opening of
the Museum with Qahtan Al Abeed, Director (centre) after
the opening of the Basrah Gallery.


FOBM UK Project Coordinator – Joan Porter MacIver

In December 2016 the FOBM Trustees appointed Joan Porter MacIver to assist them in a part time capacity (equivalent to one day a week) as the UK Project Coordinator for the FOBM CPF funded project of the ‘Completion of the new Museum in Basrah, Iraq’.