Dec 19 2016
The New Cultural Protection Fund (CPF)

The Friends of Basrah Museum is one of seven recipients of the first grants made by the new Cultural Protection Fund (CPF), which was launched by The British Council in partnership with the Department of Cultural, Media and Sport.

Nov 04 2016
Stephanie Dalley reported in the Financial Times

Stephanie Dalley reported in the Financial Times – Arts Section – on ‘The people’s palace’ and reflected that “Regeneration through culture for an area that has suffered so much deserves heartfelt support.” by Stephanie Dalley

Oct 10 2016
Eleanor Robson writes in Apollo

Eleanor Robson (Chair of the British Institute for the Study of Iraq – writes in Apollo – the International Art Magazine ‘ Rethinking Iraq’s past and its future – at the Basrah Museum

Oct 08 2016
Theopi Skarlatos of BBC News

Theopi Skarlatos of BBC News, Basra ‘in pictures’ feature on the ‘Basra Museum: How Saddam’s palace was given to the people’. This piece discusses the hard work of repairing the palace to turn it in to a museum.


Oct 03 2016
Patrick Steele writes in the Museums Association

Patrick Steele writes in the Museums Association/ Museums Journal Blog about the opening of the Museum and the continuing need for fundraising to complete restoration and open the remaining galleries.